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Saturday, July 13, 2024

"When we were heading to the car after the lesson Kynadie said she actually had fun! I know I have never heard that from her leaving the practice tee or lesson, so thank you for that. It is also shocking how much her ball striking has improved in a day and her confidence is growing. I love how simple you kept things. We have been to other teachers and they are way too technical for someone like Kynadie who is a little bit of a perfectionist. She actually keeps a journal and I didn't even have to ask her to write about the lesson, she did it on her own. She seems to have some excitement back. Hopefully you will be willing to continue working with her. Seems like she has really taken to you and your method."
Adrian Adams

"Hi Joe, I shot 69 last weekend with a 12 footer for eagle and two 10 footers for birdies. The putting lesson made more difference in my score than any other lesson I've ever had. Thank you."

"Joe, that hip-tweak was miraculous. I'm suddenly hitting a 7 iron well over 160 yards, which won't get me noticed on the Golf Channel but is huge in my
provincial cosmos. Now, if you could teach me how to chip and putt, Geriatric Tour here I come! Thanks again."

"After two rounds Keifer can already see improvement! He is really comfortable and fast reading the green. AimPoint is working well for Keifer, he had 4 birdies in a row yesterday on his way to a 77 at Jackson Country Club. He is also using it for chips close to the green as well, works splendidly for those to!"
Edward Engles

"Well I didn't win the British open or anything but the last 18 holes I did in even par from the tips with 5 birdies. If AimPoint isn't illegal it should be. Made putts I had no business making. Goes to show any duffer can learn the system. I believe! I believe! Thanks again."


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